Backupify surveyed more than 2,400 IT service providers (ITSPs) serving businesses around the world about ransomware and published the key takeaways in this report. 

Lets check out a few key takeaways from the report:

  • Most clients are unaware of the risk of ransomware. Only 36 percent of ITSPs report clients are "highly concerned" about ransomware. 
  • From Q2 2016-Q2 2018, 79 percent of ITSPs reported ransomware attacks against clients. 
  • On average, ITSPs report more than five attacks against clients per year. But only 24 percent of those attacks are reported to authorities, which means the problem may be bigger than we know. 
  • The cost of downtime is 10 times higher than the ransom request per incident. 
  • 92 percent of ITSPs report attacks will continue as current or worse rates. 

Download the report today to unlock new trends and statistics on the biggest threat facing businesses, and learn what your peers are doing to prepare. In this report, you will find new data on just how big a problem ransomware has become, the #1 threat to businesses struck by ransomware, and ITSPs top predictions for where ransomware will strike next. Check out the report today